Thursday, February 10, 2011

girls should not smoke

Good reasons why teen girls should not smoke 

It’s pretty self-explanatory that smoking is bad for you; no doubt you have heard this sermon since you were a young child.  However, for how many commercials and adults there are to tell you that smoking is bad for you, it may be more useful to take some time and actually sit down to read bluntly why smoking is so horrendous.
In black and white, here are the straight facts on smoking:
  • Smoking will turn your teeth yellow
  • Smoking will also make your teeth decay faster which means you may need false implants or root canals by your mid-twenties
  • Smoking will turn your hands yellow- fake nails; forget it because the smoke will stain any light shade under the colour spectrum
  • Long term smoking will increase your risks of every type of cancer, not just lung, and especially if certain genetic cancers such as prostate or breast cancer already run in your family
  • Smoking increases the change of a stroke, especially if you are on birth control
  • Most doctors will not prescribe birth control to smokers or will limit the length you are allowed to stay on it.
  • Smoking will make your hair and clothes stink, which means you will stink even if you can’t smell it
Add these facts together and you get the true bottom line, there is nothing cool about smoking past kicking the habit which many people describe as the hardest battle of their life.  Why set yourself up for an endless battle which you can just say no.


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