Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leg Pain

Leg Pain - a minor complaint or a serious problem? pain sounds like a very general and ambiguous complaint, and many people have had trouble finding a doctor who is able to determine the cause of their leg pain. You may think, "Oh, it just hurts because I pulled a muscle, or I worked too hard in the garden, or I'm just imagining it. It would be silly to see the doctor just because my leg hurts."
Leg pain is not normal and you should not simply accept it as a part of life or growing older. We've worked with hundred of patients to not only determine the cause of their leg pain, but also to treat it. We can diagnose the problem that is causing the pain, and we will help you return to a comfortable and active life, or help you find someone who can. 
Leg pain can also be an indication of very serious problems. If you are experiencing any leg pain, you should talk with our doctors to find out why. They have a lot of experience diagnosing leg pain, and in most cases, they can perform minimally-invasive procedures to cure the pain and prevent amputation or potentially fatal complications.
Interventional radiology is able to provide treatment for leg pain that is caused by problems in the blood vessels of the body. This covers a large percentage of leg pain problems. However, if you are experiencing pain in your bones or joints that may be caused by a fracture, arthritis, or cancer, we can help you find the right doctor to treat your condition and help you return to an active life.


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