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Diabetes: this page contains the following information about Diabetes:
  • What is Diabetes? 
  • What types of Diabetes exist?
  • Diabetes and foot and leg ulcers
  • How can The Circulation Booster help with Diabetes
Diabetes in the UK today affects over 1.6 million people. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition which is the direct result of too much glucose (sugar) in your blood stream. If your body does not make enough of the hormone insulin, your blood sugar level can be too high. The pancreas (which is a gland located behind the stomach) produces the hormone insulin, which removes glucose from the blood stream into cells. Here it is broken down and energy is released; if you suffer from diabetes then this process will be hampered to a lesser or greater extent.
Diabetes can be a debilitating disease if it not properly treated. The long term health problems associated with diabetes is high glucose levels in the blood stream, which damages and perforates the blood vessels.
Diabetes can cause the following problems with your feet and legs if you suffer from poor circulation:
>Diabetes - can cause the nerve endings in your feet to become damaged
>Diabetes - can cause sores and foot ulcers.  If these foot and leg ulcers are left untreated they can become infected and cause numerous health complications
>Diabetes - can cause nerve damaged which may lead you to not feeling cuts or sores on your feet.  These can become infected
>Diabetes - good fitting foot are is essential.  Your feet may rub inside your shoes and cause ulcers, cuts and sores
>Diabetes - calluses occur more often and build up faster on the feet of people with diabetes. Calluses, if not trimmed, get very thick, break down, and turn into ulcers (open sores)
>Diabetes - diabetic nerve damage (neuropathy) also can lessen your ability to feel pain, heat, and cold. Loss of feeling may mean that you might not feel a foot injury.  
Poor circulation (blood flow) can make your foot less able to fight infection and to heal. Use The Circulation Booster to keep your feet and circulation in good health.

Diabetes: there are two types of diabetes:

Type 1 Diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes)
The body produces very little or in some cases no insulin. An individual living with this type of diabetes will require medical treatment all their life. They will have to check their glucose levels in their blood stream at regular intervals and look out for complications. Type 1 diabetes, which is commonly known as juvenile diabetes or possibly early onset diabetes, because it usually develops in teenage years or before you reach the age of 40.
Type 2 Diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes)
The body can’t either make a sufficient amount of insulin or use the hormone correctly. This is commonly known as insulin resistance. Being overweight can induce this condition and it usually occurs in adults over the age of 40.

Diabetic foot disorders - diabetes today! 

Neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease are the main pathological conditions associated with diabetic foot disorders. It is crucial people with diabetes ensure that good healthcare is directed towards the feet to reduce the symptoms associated with diabetic foot disorders. Diabetes can cause foot and leg ulcers, which need to be looked after and cared for. This device will ensure good circulation in the foot and lower limbs, which will remove cell waste and increase oxygen and cell nutrients to help heal leg sores.
Pheripheral vascular disease is usually associated with reduced blood circulation and ischaemia. Peripheral neuropathy of the feet can lead in some cases to motor dysfunction and loss of sensation. These pathological conditions may cause infection and ulceration.
Diabetic foot disease can be divided into five stages:
  1. Normal - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 
  2. At risk - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 
  3. Ulcerated - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 
  4. Infected - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 
  5. Necrotic - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 
Foot disorders associated with Diabetes are very common, approximately 5% of individuals with diabetes will develop an ulcer in the foot region in any one year (NICE 2004). Edmonds (2006) stated that 15% with diabetes will go onto develop ulcers in the foot region during their lifetime.
The symptoms of foot ulcers caused by diabetes may include:
  • Pain, usually in the feet and ankles
  • Burning or shooting pain sensations
  • Itching, numbness, tingling

What can I do to relieve my symptoms of diabetes?

The Circulation Booster® is registered as a medical device in the UK and thousands of customers have already benefited from either the home or mobile devices. It is specifically designed to increase the blood circulation, which targets the lower leg region.
The Circulation Booster® sends out electrical impulses, which induces muscle stimulation in the feet and lower legs. Muscles contract and release to pump the blood and improve circulation. This in turn, helps to maintain healthy feet. Our customers who have diabetes find that their blood circulation is improved and their fluid retention is decreased which ensures that leg ulcers and pain swelling is kept at a minimum.
Poor leg circulation, which is associated with diabetes, can provide much discomfort including swelling, pain and numbness. By improving the blood circulation in the legs, the risks of these problems are significantly reduced and symptoms of diabetes, such as sores and ulcers on the foot and leg, may be reduced.

What results can you expect if you suffer from diabetes?

Clinical studies support this method of application. It has been shown that the use of muscle stimulation of the feet, as well as the calf, can:
  • Improve circulation and reduce pain and swelling - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 
  • Improve muscle strength and reduce wastage - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 
  • Aid fast recovery from muscular injury - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 
  • Increase energy levels and reduce stress - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 
  • Improve wellbeing and mobility - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today!   
  • Alleviate tired and aching legs - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today!   
  • Reduce foot and leg ulcers associated with Diabetes - Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 

Circulation Booster® Mobile – use it while on the move!

There will be times when you’re out of your house, travelling or generally on the move. High Tech Health has specially designed a device that it totally portable and allows the person to gain all the benefits from the home device while out and about. Scientifically designed electrical impulses are transmitted from the handheld controller through to the unique silver-woven socks. This device comes with a 9V battery and will last up to approximately 50-100 uses.

Target specific areas of pain and swelling! Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 

Do you have areas that are hard to relieve such as knees, backache and shoulder pain? The Circulation Booster® HOME also includes six electrode pads. You can target points of pain such as sore knees or aching backs, or apply the pads to acupressure points. You can also use them to strengthen specific muscle groups.

No quibble money-back guarantee! Reduce the symptoms of Diabetes today! 

Ensure good foot care which is essential for people with diabetes. All our Circulation Booster® products come with a no-quibble 30-days money back guarantee. Although it may take longer to fully alleviate your symptoms, within this time we are hopeful that you will see considerable improvement.

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