Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back Muscle Pain

Chronic Back Muscle Pain 

Chronic Back Muscle Pain Patients with lasting muscular back pain are quite lucky compared to patients who are diagnosed with some underlying structural source of spinal pain. Chronic muscle aches and pains confound back doctors and are typically grossly mismanaged by the medical professions. Muscle imbalances are sometimes theorized, although this “in vogue” diagnosis often amounts to little more than smoke and mirrors. Fibromyalgia is sometimes pronounced, but the medical treatment of this condition remains among the worst and most ineffectual in the entire healthcare field. Thoracic outlet syndrome is a common diagnosis in the upper back and shoulders, although the exact definition of this condition remains somewhat vague and treatment is poorly conceived, at best. Sometimes, the doctor just does not know what is wrong and this can be a real blessing in disguise…

Chronic Back Muscle Pain Causes

While injury can create lasting muscle pain, it is very rare. Muscle imbalances and the like can also occur, but are grossly over diagnosed and are seldom the real reason for lasting severe symptoms. The most prevalent source of chronic muscular pain, which defies accurate diagnosis, is definitely ischemia. This oxygen deprivation syndrome is truly sinister, enacting symptoms without warning and leaving virtually no evidence of the true source of pain.
Ischemia is rarely identified by the medical industry as being a major contributor to the current back pain epidemic swamping the healthcare community with both the diversity of complaints and the shear number of affected souls. This is surely no coincidence, since the root cause of most oxygen deprivation is a psychosomatic process which flies in the face of convention Cartesian medical thought. Also not coincidentally is the lack of profit to be had treating ischemia within the medical sector…

Chronic Back Muscle Pain Advice

If you have endured the continual wrong diagnoses or the simple “Sorry, but we really do not know why you still have pain” excuses, there is still hope. Explore the possibility that your pain, like mine and millions of others, is actually the result of ischemia. Luckily, treatment is easy and effective and best of all… FREE. That’s right. You do not have to pay anyone to heal… I bet this is a refreshing change from your past experiences!
Investigate knowledge therapy as a possible answer to all your prayers and you might just be as thankful and elated as I am… After all, being pain free can breathe new life into your body and soul and its value can not be underestimated…


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