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Heal your leg/foot ulcers

Foot and Leg Ulcers: Heal your leg/foot ulcers - fast!

This page contains the following information with regards to foot and leg ulcers:
  • What is foot/leg ulcer? Heal your leg/foot ulcers - fast!
  • Are foot/leg ulcers a common problem? Heal your leg/foot ulcers - fast!
  • Diabetes and foot/leg ulcers Heal your leg/foot ulcers - fast!
  • What causes foot and leg ulcers? Heal your leg/foot ulcers - fast!
  • How does The Circulation Booster alleviate foot and leg ulcers? Heal your leg/foot ulcers - fast!
  • How does The Circulation Booster alleviate and prevent future leg and foot ulcers? Heal your leg/foot ulcers - fast!
A leg ulcer looks like a hollowed area of broken skin where the tissue does not heal. There is often inflammation around the area also.
Foot problemsIf you have been diagnosed with a leg ulcer then you are not alone. Approximately 3 in every 1000 people in the UK will experience a venous leg ulcer and the risk increases with age. The economic cost of leg ulcers to the NHS is estimated at £300-£600 million a year. Venous leg ulcers cause significant morbidity and reduction in quality of life and risk increases with age. People with diabetes are at special risk of developing foot ulcers, and therefore diabetic foot care is extremely important.

What causes the ulcers to develop?

The most common cause of leg ulcers is poor blood circulation in the legs. The lack of oxygenated blood flowing through the legs prevents the healing of wounds and consequentially the wound develops into ulceration. The poor circulation in the legs may have been caused originally by a long term illness, such as diabetes, vascular diseases or due to lack of mobility.

How will the Circulation Booster® alleviate and prevent future leg ulcers?

To help alleviate the ulceration we need to consider the cause, which is primarily due to poor blood circulation.
The Circulation Booster® has been developed to help people who suffer from circulation disorders. The products use tried and tested electrical muscle stimulation, the same technology used by physiotherapists and sold by pharmacists for decades. The innovation with the Circulation Booster® is its ingenious method of application and unique applicators.
The electrical muscle stimulation is applied to the soles of the feet. The physiological result will be that the nerves are stimulated while muscles contract and release. Users will visibly see and feel the muscles in the feet and calf contract and release. This is highly effective at pumping the blood back up through the legs towards the heart. With daily use, you should hopefully see an improvement in your symptoms and speed the healing of the ulcer.
Both bare feet are required in order to apply the electrical stimulation (to create the circuit). If the foot is fully bandaged, you may need to expose even the slightest part of the foot in order to create the circuit and get the stimulation. Alternatively, a gel pad, much like the tradition TENS pads, can be applied to an alternative point on the body to create the circuit.

No quibble money-back guarantee! Heal your leg/foot ulcers - fast!

All our Circulation Booster® products come with a no-quibble 30-days money back guarantee. Although it may take longer to fully alleviate your symptoms, within this time we are hopeful that you will see considerable improvement. Foot and leg ulcers can be painful, sore and lead to more serious infections.  The Circulation Booster will increase the blood circulation in your lower limbs to increase the healing process.  The increase in blood flow will allow leg and foot ulcers to get increased oxygen and nutrients which may help speed the healing process.


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